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Sports Jewelry Collection

Just imagine the possiblities for your athlete to be forever emoldized in preious metal for years to come. The possiblites are endless, from adding initals to designing from pictures of your athlete this is a true way to honor your sport.

I was asked to create a design for a young woman competing in the 2004 Olympics in Athens. After studying photos and videos of athlete Lauren Williams I believe that I was able to capture her intensity. She was so happy with the design she sent an autographed photo thanking me.



An Olympic sized thank you!  

Get in a World Cup State of mind with our Soccer Players Jewelry!

These Soccer players were inspired by my amazing husband Aaron Freeman, he is a talented athlete and incredible father.



Watch the Snowboarder Pendant be designed

            Created during 2010 Vancouver Olympics

We are inspired by the Olympics each year.  The amazing abilities of these athlete is unmatched just like the jewelry we create. I was once again inspired at the Olympics in Vancouver with Shaun White and his record runs. I made a pendant of him in the MicTwist 260. See the video of the creation below.

Inspired by the 2016 Olympics the Sports Collection embodies our favorite athletes, GO USA!

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